Everyone's Talking Kevin

LONDON, ENGLAND - OCTOBER 18: Kevin De Bruyne of KRC Genk warms up during a KRC Genk training session ahead of the UEFA Champions League Group E match against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on October 18, 2011 in London, England. (Photo by Paul Gilham/Getty Images)

The big upcoming games in Chelsea's schedule are dominating the media's coverage of the club, so some of the nice quotes being said about Chelsea loanee Kevin De Bruyne will escape attention, however they're still interesting enough to warrant some discussion here at WAGNH.

First to talk nice about the Belgian is Chelsea chief scout Piet de Vissier, who by virtue of Google Translate, says:

"I owe him two years to follow. During the playoffs, I saw him at work. I'm really impressed by its performance in recent weeks, and I say this not only because I have recommended him at Chelsea. Whether he has enough quality to make it at Chelsea? If we did not think he could handle the level we had not met him. Simple huh? We know not yet what we will do: lend him or keep him with us. This will prepare the show. "

I'm not quite sure if de Vissier actually said "huh" in the interview, and Google isn't perfect, but we can get what our scout is saying here: the future of De Bruyne next season is still undecided, and most probably because he's been in such good form (especially compared to Malouda). A decision on his role at the club next season is also probably dependant on who the new manager is and impending transfers.

If you run the page through Google Translate, you'll also find some interesting quotes where current RFC Liege coach Nico Claesen pays tribute to De Bruyne's range of attributes:

I think he has the assets to make it in the Premier League. Preferably in its central role current. His passing, vista and speed of implementation is there more justice than on the left flank. She thinks he is often caught on the sidelines, while the main game for him.

Ex Newcastle defender Phillip Abert, who played for Anderlecht in the Jupiler League, also says some nice things about Kevin in the interview with Sport Wereld:

'De Bruyne should draw lessons from the situation where Lukaku now been trapped. When he next season just sitting on the bench, he will not suddenly play in two seasons. He clearly has many qualities. Secondly, he also points work. Defensively, he has yet to progress, and he must also be constant. So I think he is best lent to a stable but also big club. De Bruyne should especially be no second Lukaku and skip steps. But eventually he has all the assets to succeed at a top club like Chelsea. "

I'm not quite sure there's enough room at Cobham to house a second Lukaku, but anyway, the point here is that it's really important for the next step for De Bruyne to be the right one where he is able to develop as much as possible as a footballer. From what I've seen of de Bruyne, he's clearly a talented player, but he's still fairly raw. It's probably better he gets more time to develop away from Chelsea, but preferably in a league a bit more challenging than Belgium.

On a side note, it's amazing how many people realise Chelsea probably don't actually want to not give Romelu game time, but rather FIFA sanctions prevent us sending him out on loan and there's the slight obstacle of having two of the world's most dangerous strikers (when on form) ahead of him in the squad.

Kevin de Bruyne is going to be one of the more interesting stories in the off season, seeing as it's a big decision for both player and club in terms of what happens next. Personally, I'd be for him going out on loan, but how do you guys feel about our own little Tintin?

P.S: Second Lukaku? ... please. de Bruyne growing to the size of Lukaku is about as likely as Malouda turning up to the Barca game with a combover.

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