The Roundup: All The Latest Rumblings

Gathering the latest tidbits from here, there, and everywhere- yes, it's time once again for a synopsis of all things CFC that fail to merit an individual post. Or, you could say, things that I'm too lazy to put in individual posts.


I punch like this

Quite an eventful few days it's been. Amidst our fixture congestion, a lot of off-the-pitch events are transpiring and it's fair that some of it might have slipped past your proverbial radar. Never fear, friends. That's what we've come to solve for you on this rain-soaked afternoon (at least in Los Angeles). Without much ado:

  • David Luiz Dismisses Exit Jibber-Jabber - not much of a story to those of us that have been tracking this news since January, but, Luiz has at last come out to confirm that he has no intention whatsoever of parting ways with the club. Despite having his 'favorite geezer' in AVB see the chop, Bob has come good with the belief that he'll be donning the Blue stripe for quite some time. Hit the link for a couple of ambivalent, albeit salient quotes from our favorite Brazilian.
  • Gianfranco Zola Wants the Gig, Loves Bobby Di - well color me surprised, but someone actually wants this job? Indeed, as Mr. Zola has thrown his name into the consideration hat, while publicly backing RDM- further stating that Chelsea are currently in the "best possible hands". While he's not openly pining for the hot seat, he goes on to claim that 'one day' he'd relish the chance to navigate the Chelsea ship. Best not to put too much stock into this one however. I think Roman's had his fill of ex-player-interim-manager's now and, if anything, will set his sights once again on importing some hot commodity this summer. Sigh.
  • Ivanovic Appeals Ban - not sure about this one, to be honest. Doesn't seem like, at least based on the video evidence, Ivanovic stands much of a chance of getting this one overturned. Still, he's pressing forward with his appeal in the hopes that the FA Regulatory Commission will relent and reduce the existing three-match ban. With bumper fixtures on the horizon, I understand the club's desire to have him available for selection. That said, he runs the risk of having his ban extended further if the FA deems the appeal excessive. The decision will likely be rendered on Thursday. Stay tuned.
  • Our New Kit Will Be Unveiled Tomorrow - and just in case you don't have Twitter, you can see the image posted below of what everyone appears to be convinced we'll be rocking next year. I'm seriously reserving judgement at this point. I need to see what the final product will look like, most importantly, as it sits on my skinny albeit non-athletic frame. Our new kits have flattered to deceive in the looks department for a few years now, so we'll just have to wait and see what the end product is. That said, yellow again? Yeesh.
  • Madrid Lining Up Ivanovic Bid - Because it wouldn't be a regular week around these parts without some asinine speculation about one of our core players. Supposedly, Madrid are considering a 12mm bid for the Serb. Get the fuck out of here with that nonsense. It'll cost you a lot more to poach our best defender this season, and in all fairness, there are slim odds that we'd even consider selling him. But since Madrid have moved Sergio Ramos to the center of defense, Jose has been using Arbeloa and Lass as make-shift right backs. Clearly they have a need, but they're barking up the wrong tree. So file this under BS and we shall move on.
  • Romeu's Future In Serious Doubt - A few months ago, he was a shining star and beacon of hope under the Villas-Boas regime. Now, he's a bit-part player and has all but disappeared from first-team plans. But don't fret, those close to the club confirm there's nothing sinister at play. This is simply a case of opting for experience in the home-stretch rather than risking Romeu's naiveté in clutch circumstances. Couple that with the minor injuries he can't seem to shake and it appears that this one is more of a ruse than a reality. Romeu's going to be around for a while, and I'd expect that the impending summer shakedown will see him find more space in our packed midfield to avail his talents to the cause. Same goes for Romelu Lukaku, who everyone and their mother expects to be loaned to a PL side (likely Everton or Fulham) next term.
  • Pep & Company Setting Up Shop In Londontown - might he be house hunting too? No, just enjoying the sights it appears. After our Tuesday encounter at The Bridge, the Barcelonites will remain in the city until Thursday, preparing for their crucial encounter with Real Madrid on the weekend. So, expect plenty of Pep op-ed pieces, the Messi salivations to be at an all-time-high, and a few Liverpudlians to attempt to stab Xabi in the face when he's photographed on Oxford St with his lovely wife.
  • It Goes From Bad to Worse for Jacob Mellis - Imagine you get fired from your job at a plush company, with excellent perks, benefits, pay, and the like. Suddenly, you're scrambling for a gig and you have to relent and take a job at an inferior company across town, on a probationary period no less. Then, to make matters worse, you wind up getting into a nasty fight with your missus and manage to beat the bloody hell out of her at 3 in the morning. Yeah, sucks to be this kid right about now. Seems the club actually made the right decision in parting company with him last month over the training ground smoke-bomb fiasco. For his sake, I hope he gets it together- else, he's destined for the Michael Woods career trajectory (and we all know how that goes).

Update: Looks like the below picture might actually be our new kit?


Update #2: Here it is officially


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