Chelsea News And Links: Tuesday 28th February

Andre gives his full support to WAG's new article feature.

95% of the internet is just media spin and speculation and so I'm sure Villas-Boas will agree wholeheartedly on this idea. Because despite the best efforts of Graham and Stephen's in covering Chelsea (at great cost to their sleeping patterns, I'm sure), sometimes there's news we miss at WAG, and sometimes there are just interesting links people should read hanging around on the internet. Hopefully I can keep this a regular thing, which means hopefully you'll be able to only have to read the interesting stuff; first, the Chelsea related news.

Luiz Channels Ancelotti's "Moments" -

'I'm sad because I want to give more, and the team want to give more to the fans, but when you have a strong personality and believe in the job it is a great moment.'

Summary: David Luiz is awesome.

Drogba Out Of International Duty -
Didier Drogba is absent from the Ivory Coast squad for it's match against Guinea, but everyone else we expected is in the squad. Graham spelt out all the games that we should take an interest in here.

Assessing André Villas-Boas’ first eight months at Chelsea « Back Page Football
Excellent, and largely balanced look back at AvB's reign so far - could be a piece of historical relevance if rumours of Abramovich loses his nerve, something many media sources are believing Villas-Boas is nervous about.

Abramovich's trigger-happy reputation obscures that few firings were unfair -- Michael Cox - ESPN
This was written last week, but it's a good look from Michael Cox of Zonal Marking at Chelsea's managers during the Roman era - albeit a bit of glossying over key facts, but interesting nonetheless.

Non Chelsea news and links after the jump:

Don't Worry Boas, You're Not The Only One With A Project

"A lot players I know are very interested about joining The Project because it's a very interesting Project," Comolli says in today's Mirror. "We already know that there are big players who want to join us next summer because they believe in The Project."

European Clubs Clinch Deal With UEFA To Cut Internationals - Guardian Football
Internationals are a hot topic right now, and mainly because of the risk of injury- but fortunately the number of times we're going to have to bite our nails praying to the injury gods is likely to be cut following agreements between UEFA and FIFA. Obviously there's a lot more negoiation and discussion before we reach a definite conclusion, but it's nice to know that the governing bodies are picking up on this issue and giving it some traction.

Around SB Nation...

Fulham Reveals Design Concept For New Stand At Craven Cottage -
This is rather cool, and it's nice to see that not all football stadiums have to lose their identity (cough, Emirates). Hope whoever is our new stadium architect shares the same idea.

A Chart Of Tottenham Results Relative to Assou Ekotto's Hair - Cartilage Free Captain
Someone should get this going for Malouda's frequent change of styles - personally, I think the theory is the worse Florent's hair is, the better Chelsea play.

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