We Ain't Got A Clue! But Still A Blue!

This has been by far the most difficult year for the new and possibly old age Chelsea fan. While we all are still trying to figure out if AVB is the right man or not, flatter with the idea of seeing Jose back at the dugout, Torres scoring again and Malouda & Bosingwa leaving us for good.

There are some of the questions/situations which come to my mind which evoke mixed emotions. That of grief, anger, frustration and at times even helplessness. Why is our owner, manager and the board not addressing these issues?

1. Creative Midfielder Dilemma.. More like a nightmare

We tried to sign Pastore.. why would he go to PSG is beyond me?? Fine I understand this is football.. strange things happen.. We went all out for Modric.. Spuds didnt want to sell.. we tried but failed.. again.. Fine atleast it was a good try... NOW

A. Why was there NO option 3?

B. At the 11th hour we went for Meireles for 12 Million.. He is a box to box midfielder.. for the same position we already have.. Yossi (on loan).. Ramires, Essien and Lampard.. Why OH why we went for him?

C. for 10 Million.. 2 million less we could have possible got Arteta… who is a creative medifielder.. well may not be the best but has done really well for Everton and is Spanish along with Mata and Torres he could have atleast been able to stabilize our stinking & sinking midfield.

2. Alex & Anelka – Was it really necessary

While I understand that none of actually get to know what goes down in the dressing room and on the training pitch so it is only permutation and combination what we guys can make.

Alex – 3rd choice center back behind JT and Luiz.. Hardly ever gave and press interviews for Chelsea.. extremely low key individual.. no controversies at all

Anelka – 4th choice striker behind Drogba, Sturridge and Torres, again hardly anyone who speaks out and keeps to himself

AVB decided to throw them out of the team and rip into them and treats them to set an example of players who are not performing (according to the reports in Media), Well lets all go back and compare the number of games and mistakes made by the CB’s and strikers all ahead of Anelka and Alex to rationalize whether it was right on AVB’s part to treat these two individuals like he did? The answer is NO!!

Why not make an example of the big boys who don’t perform.. MALOUDA, BOSINGWA, Drogba, JT, Lamps, Cole, Cech.. You sell them any of these 2 preferably MOFO Malouda and monkey boy Bosingwa both waste of time and space atleast you would have put the fear of god in the senior player’s heart!! They would have known that AVB means business and is not scared of no egos… Performance wise Alex and Anelka both add more value to the team than Malouda and Bosingwa (I know not the same positions.. my argument is based on the value to the team and more consistent performance)

As much as I like Luiz, he is prone to mistakes and gets casual.. he is improving but again he is costing us goals.. he should have been ripped apart too right.. I am sure he must have got some stick and I hope he gets better coz he is talented.

3. AVB – It requires a revolution and NOT an evolution

AVB has been brought in for a revolution and not and evolution it is as simple as that! I am sick of hearing that we are a team in “transition”.. NO we are not we are a bunch of egos who based on their performaces are only a shadow of their formerselves.. MAN UNITED are a team in transition.. they have been added new blood to the system while ensuring that they play with the same philosophy as before.. they have bough players who have fit into their roles with outmost ease.. Chicharito last year.. Young, Jones, Smalling et all are all playing really well. YES they have had their share of hits and misses but any Chelsea fan would want to be in their shoes in a heartbeat as things stand at the moment… We are bringing in 2 new players into the starting 11 (Sturridge and Mata) and trying to change the whole philosophy of how we play football.. WONT happen AVB.. You should be smart enough to know that!!

4. Where are the youngsters?

I want answers for Kakuta (got a transfer embriago for poaching him), McEachran, Lukaku, Bertrand, Davila. Between them they must be worth atleast 50 Million.. If they are the future of Chelsea I want to see them AT Chelsea.. Will they ever be ready for the first team? Next window we are hoping to buy some extra ordinary talent to become the best again and challenge for all the trophies so again these boys will be loaned out? And then let go of like of Borini – 6 goals in 14 games for Roma!

Rather see us on number 5 and getting clobbered by pretty much everyone with these youngsters than with the old farts we now have who can only make noise and do nothing!! Time to give these boys a run in or just let go of them.. don’t remember Becks, Scholes, Giggs, Messi, Totti et all being loaned out season after season.. if NOT then admit they are not world class and just sell them off!

5. Misplaced Patience

RA, we are all familiar with your lack of patience with our managers. Let’s NOT go there and focus on our beloved.. Bosingwa, Mikel, Kalou (decent at most), Malouda et all. They have all been around for a while and we have paid a substantial amount of money for most of them.. Bosingwa apart from a handful of games has been below average at best, Mikel does not have any influence in any game despite the endless opportunities given to him, Kalou at best has been a decent enough sub but has never really stamped his authority on the starting 11 and Malouda for all of that 1 season where he played well has been just pathetic. No big match mentality, no influence, infact he slows down the game for someone who plays at the wings for us.

While I understand that we cannot have 22 match winners and game changers but some sort of consistency is required out of such players and buy that I don’t mean that “the need to be sub standard” always. These players are all deadwood and a burden on our wages. Should we not try and cash in on them while we can actually get whatever minimal change we can and try and give our younger generation a fair run it? Food for thought!!

6. Law of Averages or Just Average?

Enough and more has been written about whatever happened to our once unstoppable Torres. Well not exactly ours but more like the Torres at Liverpool. I won’t harp on much just a few insights and questions.

<!--[if !supportLists]-->A. <!--[endif]-->Law Of Average – I remember reading about this concept. Everthing has to come around after a while, the tide changes etc etc. It has been a year and we have possibly forked out 10 Million for each goal that Torres has scored… How can someone so good (or used to be) become so bad. Yes – Chelsea has a different style than Liverpool but 5 goals? What has gone wrong here?

<!--[if !supportLists]-->B. <!--[endif]--> Just Average – Continuing from the different styles of Chelsea and Liverpool, in the last year Torres has not been able to poach or tap in a single goal? Why is he NOT getting into the right positions? Why is not constantly trying to be in the box and hitting the ball everytime he see’s it. While people say that at times trying too hard is also bad but then the same people also say that desperate times call for desperate measures.

Torres I am sure majority (vast) of Chelsea fan are with me when I say that we are desperate for you to do well and are hoping against hope that you turn the tide for yourself and us. Literally the world is at your feet.. make it count give it your best and don’t be our biggest tragedy. You have lacked the heart and when you have played with heart you have lacked the luck. But you need to play your socks off each time you are on the pitch as you are paid to do that, for the support we have shown you and ofcourse for yourself.

7. Finally – JT what do we do?

Slipping is becoming a habit post that dreadful night in Moscow! Be it performance, integrity or spirit. JT you are our captain and we love you. You will always be our ledged but what are you doing to the club? Remember the CLUB – has been, is and will always be bigger than the players – Wayne Bridge incident, unsolicited club and training pitch tours 7 now abusing Ferdinand – WHAT are you doing? The performances have gone down and so has then resistance in your body. You know why? Answer – Its all in the mind once you can solely focus on football everything will be back and if it is a little to late then please call it a day and go our separate ways.. Don’t rubbish our clubs name (I know that the racial slurs against Ferdinand are yet to be given a verdict but in all fairness we could have NOT been in this position) . I feel it is time that we remember you with pride and fondness rather than…..

Please this is only my opinion, you are free to agree or disagree on all the above. But I am looking for the above to be answered…

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