Managerial Options Going into 2013-2014

For the third consecutive season Chelsea will go into the summer with a managerial vacancy, so what are our options for next season. This has become an unfortunate perpetual question which needs a long-term answer. Hopefully Roman starts to realize that swinging the axe at the first sign of trouble does more harm than good. The most important ingredients for the continued growth of the club are stability and a continuity of ideas and philosophy. This allows players from the academy through the reserves and up to the first team to be learning and training the same way, which makes the transition through the ranks much more seamless. The most evident example of this is Manchester United.

With this notion in mind I have decided to break-down what I feel are the most viable or attractive options if you are a Chelsea fan. I have specifically identified the pros & cons of each candidate and the compelling reasons why they would and wouldn't take the job.

Most people will point directly to Pep Guardiola as the most attractive option. Personally I'm tired of hearing about Pep as a potential option. I don't think he is interested in Chelsea or working for Roman Abramovich. I firmly believe that his managerial future lies in Manchester or Italy. This is not to say that I would not love to see Pep patrolling the sidelines at the Bridge but I honestly believe if he wanted the Chelsea job he would have accepted it last summer.

Without any further ado here is the list of possible managerial prospects I believe are in contention for the Chelsea position next summer.

1) Jurgen Klopp (Dortmund)- He has transformed a perpetually unsuccessful Dortmund side into a perennial European power in less than 4 years. Dortmund plays a very attractive and creative style which RA covets in a manager, and Klopp is known as a very charismatic individual which is also a positive. Also German football is much similar to the English style of play, so I don't believe his philosophical approach would need to change very much. The only downside is that Klopp seems very happy at Dortmund and at least in my mind is set to be the next manager of Germany after WC 2014. Finally, he has a great side and stability at Dortmund.

2) David Moyes (Everton)- Moyes has been a miracle worker on Mercyside in his 10 seasons at Everton. With very limited financial resources he has been able to piece together a side which is constantly in the top half of the league and has qualified for Europe on a number of occasions. He knows the English game better than most of the other potential candidates and would come at a much cheaper price. On the downside Moyes is known much more as a pragmatist and his side doesn't always play the beautiful attacking football which Chelsea seeks. He also doesn't have the experience in the Champions League which crucial for a Chelsea manager.

3) Laurent Blanc (Unattached)- An incredibly well traveled player who was very successful with Bordeaux and rebuilt a French side which was in shambles following the WC 2010.He might not be the ideal choice in terms of style of play but he has won trophies in his short managerial career and his young age makes him much more interesting option. He does lack substantial Champions League experience and could see Chelsea as a rather shaky alternative for his return to club football.

4) Jose Mourinho (Real Madrid)- Would anyone question Mourinho if he decided he wanted a return to the Bridge. He still has the affection of the Chelsea fans and has the elite managerial credentials which no other candidate has (not even Pep). He has worked his magic all over the Europe. He seems on his way out the door at Madrid, so the only question remains whether he is interested in returning to work under Roman. Chelsea are a much more established side then when he took over previously and they ooze creativity and flair.

Wildcards: Gianfranco Zola, Gus Poyet, Mircea Lucescu, Diego Simeone, Antonio Conte, Arsene Wenger, Walter Mazzarri, Marcelo Bielsa, Unai Emery

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