Torres, Falcao and Chelsea's History of wasting money on Strikers

Torres is scoring again & back in Form!!

Hmm Can you sense the sarcasm? well if not you should have because Torres' latest form means nothing but a statistic.

I admit Torres is scoring of late, but, does that mean he is in good form? are our problems in that position solved? Should we stop our search for a new point or attack? and my answer to all 3 questions is NO, NO and NO again.

Its all well and good scoring in games against the likes of Leeds & Monterrey for example but in the important moments, in the dying minutes, against the big teams and when we are on the back foot he goes missing when it matters he is lacking the ability to drift off a defenders shoulder, his touch seems to abandon him when it matters and his lack of control on the ball slows or stops our attacks time and time again.

Too often Torres tries to take on defenders and 9/10 times it ends in opposing fans laughing!! We cant count on Torres in the same way United rely on Van Persie, Barca Rely on Messi, Madrid on Ronaldo etc. Most top teams can go into a game knowing that any sort of chance given to one of their strikers or man up top will 9/10 times end up as a goal!! and for £50 million we should expect the same of Torres, anything else you dont deserve to play.

Right now Chelsea fans should be talking about wining the club world cup or at least taking it to extra time, but who missed the golden chance? 6 yards from goal it should have hit the back of the net in the final minutes of normal time to make it 1-1 but he missed. If it was Van Persie in that position would the outcome be the same?

THIS SHOULD BE A REASON WHY WE CANT AFFORD TO WASTE ANOTHER £50 MILLION ON ANOTHER STRIKER, yes I know Falcao puts teams to the sword and bags goals for fun, but has he played against PL defences week in week out, will he acclimatise to life in England? its all a risk and there are cheaper options out there! (please note I am not saying no to Falcao, I'm just stating its a risk financially and adds pressure to make such a purchase at this time)

Something we seem to base a lot of our striking transfers on is records, does Shevchenko & Kezman ring any bells?

Shevchenko, Kezman & Torres, all came with great records, none lived up to expectation. why? two were brought in past their prime and all 3 surely on their records alone; and because of this they turned out to be a waste of money, time and points.

So lets do some homework; scout and buy a striker in form and that's suited to our game, not just because they have a good goal scoring history. there is no I in team. £15-25 Million will probably be able to get us other strikers with potential, quality and suited to us whilst leaving funds to add to our midfield/defence.

  • Remy
  • Pato
  • Walcott
  • Wilfred Bony
  • Lewandowski

I personally say we Give Sturridge his contract, Recall Lukaku & buy one of above and we wont need to rely on Torres's inconsistent rubbish performance any more, whilst leaving funds to add to other weak positions within the squad.

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