A small game with statistics - Torres x Falcao x Cavani

When I was reading the statistics, created by Stephen Schmidt, I felt its not complete at all.

There was written about the goals against week and strong teams. But during the year we are playing with all kinds of teams and what is needed more then "just" goals against strong teams is the stable performance. I agree, that the goals against Barcelona, Real and in the finals as Drogba did are really important. But if we want to win also Premier League, we need top-scorer, who is deciding matches against all kind of competitors - weak, as QPR or Reading at the bottom of the table as well as against MU, MC or Sp*rs.

So I made small research about influence of Torres, Falcao and Cavani (who I consider as top2 strikers on the market) to somehow consider, how many games they influenced by goal. What is ment by "influence" - goals/assists, which is influencing game - first goal, goal, which is bringing us close to win, tie. Im not concidering "influence" as goal giving advantage more than 3 goals. For example Torres goal against Leeds, 4th and 5th goal of Falcao against Deportivo.

Lets start with some basic statistics:

Fernando Torres (27 matches, 13 goals, 5assists, >2300 minutes -- >130 minutes on goal/assist)

Edinson Cavani (21 matches, 21 goals, 2 assists, 1570 minutes--> 68 m/g+a )

Radamel Falcao (16 matches, 20 goals, 2 assists, 1430 minutes--> 65m/g+a)

Basic statistic, which shows us, that if each goal or assist have the same value, than Falcao and Cavani are 2x better than Torres. But lets go deeper.

Fernando Torres

I will show, how I made this analysis with details on Torres:


-Against Reading it was winning goal

-Against NUFC 2nd goal, what means making some advance for 2nd half

-Against AFC and Norwich first goals into net of opposition, so again important
-Against SAFC 2 goals, which ment win.

/Against WHU, which didnt brough us point, but goal was giving us lead. Its just his mistake we lost

- 1 goal against Sachtar in CL – at the end of the day ment 3 points.

-2 goals against Danish team, "kind of" important as giving us nice build-up score for 1-4

Cups, Supercups, CWC:

Monterrey, City(CS)

Together in this, he had big influence (important goals) in 6 matches in League out of 16, what is not so bad and in 2 in CL out of 6, 2 in Cups out of 6. It gives us 36% of matches, where he brought us points.

Radamel Falcao (16 matches, 20 goals, 2 assists, 1430 minutes)

To compare with Falcao – he "brought points" in 10 matches in league (1 assist+9x goals, which ment some difference + some extra goals). +goal against Barcelona. Together 11x influenced game out of 16 games in league. + UEFA SuperCup. The rate is over 70%, which he influenced by goal or assist.

Edinson Cavani (21 matches, 21 goals, 2 assists, 1570 minutes)

Edinson took part on bringing points in 7 matches out of 17 in Serie A. In 2 more he influenced a result by goals, even team lost. In EL he brought points by goals in 2 matches, in 2 he influenced game by goals, even the team lost. In Copa and also Supercoppa he influenced game (2 out of 2 cup matches).

Together it is giving 15 influenced games out of 25. So 68% games, where he scored a goal/made an assist, which brought something to the team.

This is giving us pretty big image of how these forwards are influencing game by goals and assists. And Torres is in all statistics twice worse than Cavani or Falcao. Minutes/goal, goals/matches, influencing games/games.

This is some game with numbers, everybody can make a final opinion on it by himself.

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