Falcao - a January Target?

NB: This is NOT an anti-Torres post, nor is it a pro-Falcao one, I am merely speculating that RDM/Roman will be looking to buy a new striker soon, as the media has been reporting

Now, I'm not sure whether you guys have been following La Liga as I have, but here's a quick overview;

Team Pts GF GA
1. Barcelona FC 28 32 12
2. Atletico Madrid 25 22 11
3. Real Madrid 20 25 27
4. Malaga 18 14 7

Top Goal Scorers
1. Lionel Messi  Barcelona 13
2. Cristiano Ronaldo Real Madrid 11
3. Radamel Falcao Atletico Madrid 10
4. Aduriz Athletic Club 8
18. Raul Garcia Atletico Madrid 3

Now, what does this all mean?

For the first time since 2009, Barcelona and Real Madrid aren't leading La Liga after 10 rounds. Instead, Real Madrid (3rd) is currently 8 points away from Barcelona (1st), and 5 away from the new kid on the block, Atletico Madrid (2nd).

Meanwhile, on the goal scoring list, Messi and Ronaldo continue their inhumane ways, topping the list with 13 and 11 goals respectively, while Chelsea target Radamel Falcao breathes down their necks, only 1 goal behind Ronaldo.

Atletico now face the prospect of returning to the Champions League for the first time since 2009, a feat which the club is certainly looking forward to. After winning the Europa League and Super Cup recently, they will no doubt be hungry for more success - namely, a top 4 finish in the League.

As you can see by looking at the overview above, most of Atletico's success so far this season has come off of one man, Radamel Falcao. Alone, he has scored 10 of Los Colchonero's 22 goals this season - nearest to him is midfielder Raul Garcia, with a mere 3 goals. In comparison, here at Chelsea, Fernando Torres and Juan Mata combined have contributed most to our goals, with 4 apiece, while both Ivanovic and Lampard trail them by only 1.

With Atletico setting their sights on a top 4 finish by season's end (I think we can all agree that, while a league win is possible, it is highly unlikely), they will definitely want to have their best troops on deck. With Atletico Madrid tending to play with a very defensive mindset, relying on their target man to score their goals (ala Chelsea/Drogba), they need a reliable goalscorer up front.

With this in mind, one must take a look at their depth. Behind Falcao, Los Indios' second choice striker would be Adrian Lopez - who, this year, in 4 performances (3 off the bench), has failed to find the net once.

Surely, then, if Atletico Madrid are truly intent on reaching the top 4 of La Liga, they'd want to retain their main attacking threat on their side until season's end?

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