Relax. The journey is still long way to go

Yes people, Chelsea football club has a bright future. If we handle our youngsters properly

I had a chat yesterday with my uncle, he is former coach at some football club in my native country and he is Manchester United fans but he see things objectively. So I held some talk about Chelsea and Manchester United, and asking each other for argument

He said Chelsea is in critical condition now, it is not apparent from outside but inside he know so many things didn't go well behind the scene. First he questioned why we sack Robbie because for a transitional season, he did well in introducing our new style of play. Remember are not just rebuilding with new players, but we are now rebuilding with new style of play that is very different from the one which made us very succesful in the past. So it will take some time, and he pretty much admitted that Chelsea is the better team until we're down to 9 men. He said "if you have a world class striker like RVP or Falcao you might as well challenging for the league title and you might included in a top 5 contenders for Champions League title" and I ask him about our defense leaking some stupid goals and he replied "you have a world class CB in David Luiz if he can discipline himself and not going into gung ho mode he could become the new Ricardo Carvalho, and your depth at the back is very good. With Terry, Cahill and Ivanovic I don't see any wrong in your backfour. It just need a little bit coordination and organization" and I asked him how about our CM ? He said "Mikel is pretty underrated DM, take him off and we can rape you with 5 goals. You have a good future in McEachran and I'm a fan of Bundesliga too, your loanee in Bremen has a good vision to become a CM, he could be like Schweinsteiger in Munich with more practice in his defensive element. Actually your CM condition is assured for the future if your owner is patient enough to see them grow up in your own system, but consider Roman's habbit you might be in for a new CM in the market"

So then I asked him how do Manchester United has a sustained success? "Because we always have a "default" system and our rebuilding always succesful. You must develop your own talent from academy especially with FFP hanging around in the future, our alumni is pretty well known and from what I've seen Chelsea is starting to develop their talent from their academy, that is good because you can't always depend on money. And next replace a world class player with a big talent that could be a world class player in the future, if you replace a world class player with above average or a mediocre player you could become a Liverpool or an Arsenal"

Well that conversation is pretty long so I summarize only the important point which is useful for us.

1. You must have a talented player to succeed. A mixture between talent, experience and leadership

So we have a future Ballon D Orr material here in Hazard. And with the three amigos we already have a bunch of talented players. Lukaku is talented, David Luiz is talented, Azpi is talented, Courtois is talented and many more in our academy. Terry, Cole, Frankie, Branko, Mikel are players with a bunch of experience. We have John Terry as our leader and the question is will he remain as our captain for the next 5-8 years? Or we may search for a new leader? This is important point, you need a leader to drag your team forward, to inspire your team when all seems to be lost. Remember the massacre in Turin? It is apparent no one inspire the team after the scoreline reach 2-0. We were outplayed of course, but I expect better fight from my players

2. In order to succeed with your future as a team, you must have a "default" system and define your identity

- In the past 9 years we always have a Mourinho system as our default system, so despite we are chopping managers for fun our style of play is not so different from the Mourinho era, the "defensive, boring, physical but effective" approach always worked in the past but not this season, we already have a bunch of talented attackers so we must find a system that suits them. And make sure we can convert "a bunch of talented attackers" into "a frightening attacking unit". You see early in the season how good our attacker individually and you will see the better of them when they could work together as cohesive unit

3. Find a world class manager give him time to make his own team, make sure there is no unnecessary interference

I don't think our current manager will stay for long term, and personally I don't want to see him as our manager for long term. There is rumour about Jose Mourinho or Pep Guardiola will manage us next summer. I will happily accept him as our manager and for this once Roman, let them build their own team for the future and whenever we hit a seasonal stupid slump let them handle it themselves, no sacking anymore, no more your interference about team selction. We are not yet have a default system so if you sack your manager then our team will be roasted and clueless because there is no exact system and we will depend on individual brilliance. But if we didn't get Jose or Pep as our manager, I will happily point my finger for Juergen Klopp, because he already proved that he could make a bunch of talented youngsters into a great attacking unit, also he has some entertaining-like-sociopath behaviour

4. Build our own academy for sustained success

The last point is the "finishing" part. If you already define your default system, choose your long term manager and build your identity. We can make our academy products based on our system

Well that is all important points from my conversation with my uncle hopefully this can give us a bit enlighment in this dark period. I will enjoy the next 7 months with it's up and down, when we win I will be happy, when we lose then okay (go to hell Rafail!) because the our journey to become a powerhouse will begin next season. The next 7 months is for result I think, so I don't really care much about style of play

Oh and of course. If you have a good striker it will help you a lot :)

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