Fair Chance?

First fan post.

I am angry...mad at Roman...but its the kind of anger you have towards your kid, or a very good friend who pissed you off, and no matter how pissed you are, you know you will try your best to figure out a way to fix the relationship.

However in fixing this relationship there are a lot of things that will probably have to get worse before they get'll probably argue about a lot and try to reflect blame, deflect or accept responsibility e.t.c.

One thing is for sure...the relationship will change.. some-things for the better or some for the worse.

I'm still reeling from loosing RDM so I cannot without bias objectively see what will be better form this new relationship just yet...but I can clearly see a few things that will most likely change for the worse.

MIKEL... we know how polarizing of a figure he is with the fan base...however I think from looking at our pivot situation we know we have either Mikel or Romeu on the pitch. What are the chances of Mikel playing over the Spanish Romeu?

We know what type of style Benitez played in Liverpool so how confident are we after watching how lacking Oril is on the pitch... which isn't entirely his fault. (Young and Lacking Games) are you of him playing consistently in the midfield to suit a faster Benitez style.

Also the next question will be, how are Marin and Moses used? We had a very good plan getting these players. Seems to me that plan is out the window now with a new coach surely.

What will become of the Ashley Cole situation? I see Rafa doing something along the lines of letting him go and buying Evra from United...(I actually had a dream of this happening...I woke of screaming covered in sweat)

So many issues to address with this new change and it just seems like it"ll be a huge miracle if we salvage anything out of the season.

My immediate fear is that we win City convincingly on Sunday at home to kick start the honeymoon phase for some fans which will mask all the problems we have. TORRES.

Second to that we may loose on Sunday and continue horribly but focus on fringe cups like the capital one which Benitez will tout as a success. (they did that last year at Liverpool...look where they are now)

Its a bit of rambling as I write this out of frustration at Roman and Work on Friday but please do share your constructive thoughts below.

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