A Liverpool Fans Perspective On What Benitez Did Wrong at Liverpool

I'm posting this to blow off some steam, I think a LFC's fan perspective on what Rafa did wrong at Liverpool is much more eloquent than something we could ever come up with. There are two Liverpool blogs on SB nation. From first glance the blog I got it from, Anfield Asylum, is less active and probably a bit more moderate than the Liverpool Offside but correct me if I am wrong.

  • He drove out Xabi Alonso over Gareth Barry.
  • Got rid of Hamman, Owen and Murphy, all who proved they had a lot left to give.
  • Went on a tirade about Fergie (Liverpool started slumping after that)
  • Played Lucas incessantly as if Lucas had naked pictures of Rafa and was blackmailing him (which might have cost us the league in 2007-08
  • Brought in Morientes, Nunez, Voronin, Josemi, Kronkamp, Babel (for £11.5m!), Zenden, Pennant, N'gog
  • Brought in Mark Gonzales, fought to get him a work permit, then got rid of him the year he finally got it.
  • Brought in Robbie Keane (for £19m) then benched him as he was finding form and sold him back to Spurs for (£16m)
  • Pushed Crouch to the fringes despite his decent goal scoring record
  • Showed Riise the door and left himself with no LB, a void not filled until Enrique because he also got rid of Stephen Warnock (who also proved to be a decent LB)
  • Replaced Riise with Dossena who cost 4m more than he got for Riise and sucked apart from that cracking goal he scored at Old Trafford.
  • Pushed Paco Ayesteran out as well.
  • Gave us the Aquilani saga (for £20m) which only recently finally concluded.
  • According to Anfield Online, Rafa spent over £190m in his tenure and only brought in a little over £108m. Sure he dealt with Ace and Gary's (Gillette and Hicks) ownership, but he didn't help it either.
  • Started numerous feuds with random managers which seemed to affect the team.
  • Rotated the squad so damn much that they were never able to gel. It is no coincidence that his best years were his first few when he didn't have the players to rotate.
  • If you can't tell from my disjointed thoughts, I can't quite understand this. He has had a tumultuous relationship with many other Premier League managers and with the Chelsea fans, many of which don't want him. I just can't see how this can or will work out, especially because he doesn't have three letter initials. The EPL is not the same league as when he left it. Sorry, Chelsea fans, this isn't looking good for you, but it could be worse. It could have been Mark Hughes.
  • Courtesy of the Anfield Asylum

    We can be glad that Michael Emenalo controls transfers and not Benitez.

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