Why Roman was right and why Rafa should take over.

There has been a lot of talk on twitter about how badly Chelsea has treated RDM by firing him but its not supprising at all.

After Ancelotti Roman wanted to change chelsea's playing style to copy Barcalona and AVB was hired for the role. Unfortunately AVB made some stupid mistakes and lost key players and had to be sacked. With no one else available RDM was brought in and he turned things around by focusing on cup games over league games, pushed our old key players to give more, used very defensive tactics and won us the champions league and FA Cup.

Pretty much everyone agrees that Roman gave RDM the job because Guadiola wasnt ready and because he won us the european cup, something that Roman had always wanted. Roman managed to finalise the transformation of Chelsea by signing 2 up and coming world class players in Hazard and Oscar which would allow us to play in the 1-3-2-4 attacking formation.

While we had early success it was easy to see how many problems chelsea had. 1: Wingbacks had no cover and so they and DM's were not covering our defence leading us to concede goals on the counter. 2: We didnt have a striker to convert all the chances that were created. 3: We didnt have any cover for our key players forcing us to over use our players. 4: We had no leadership on the pitch.

In regards to Torres RDM couldnt really do much. A braver man may have played Sturrage more in the easier matches to keep Torres match fit and give Sturrage a chance to shine but RDM was always a cautious man and knew what happened when you drop Torres (you get fired).

Defensively he could have done more. In the champions league final for example he used Ramires and Bertrand to cover our full backs with a lot of success.

In regards for lack of cover RDM didnt use Romeu, Paizon or Marin well at all. Marin never played and Romeu and Paizon both looked lost when they played and as such never had the confidence to replace our first team players.

Leadership wise we had no one on the pitch. Previously we've had Ballack, Drogba, Lampard and Terry but with Ballack long gone, Drogba sold, Lampard Injured and Terry faced with a racism ban chelsea had no one. RDM should have made an effort to create new leadership in the squad handing the captaincy to Mata, David Luiz or Ivanovic but instead gave it to Cech who couldnt really influence the game from the goal. Selfishly RDM should have also got JT to appeal his racism conviction so he could have still played but as usual RDM was too much of a nice guy.

Unfortuently for RDM all these problems came together in November as Oscar and Hazard got tired, we had no leadership and our defense and Torres stayed woeful. If Roman had stuck with RDM we would have found ourselves not only out of the champions league but losing the world club cup and 5-6th in the league. It was the right move.

Which brings me on to why Rafa should replace RDM.

1: Guy will work on a short term contract so we can bring in Guadiola when he is ready. (RDM was the same in this regard)

2: Guy has a great record in cups and this season we now need to win the uefa cup and world club cup.

3: Guy has done great work with youth players setting up real madrid's youth program which developed players like Mata. With Romeu and Dave we have 2 future stars if they are developed properly. He also turned Torres and Alonso into word class stars which we need with Mata, Oscar and Hazard in our team. If anyone can turn around Torres its him.

4: Guy is crazy to succeed and has lost his arrogance. The guy was a dick at Liverpool but thats because he believed his hype and thought he was the club. He following fall took away his arrogance and left what he is best at, tactics.

5: Roman does transfers so we have no risk of Rafa buying any rubbish players.

6: His win ratio was 55% at Liverpool - yes thats at Liverpool! In comparison RDM only had 57% at Chelsea with a far better team.

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