High Risk, High Reward?

I'm not here to start another great Torres debate. Mostly because I strongly believe his days in a Chelsea kit are numbered and Im sure the WAGNH community is thoroughly exhausted of the whole subject. I want to look into the future, more specifically to January 2013, and at potential center forward signings. And before you start thinking this is the one millionth article you've read of some fanboy screaming to get Falcao, its not. These are some of my ideas that are somewhat unconventional but, as far as I have been able to discover on this site and others, totally original.

As much as I would welcome the site of El Tigre sporting a Chelsea kit, and welcome is and understatement, I think that Roman, Gourlay and other Chelsea higher ups might be a bit wary of another superstar signing. The ghosts of Torres' past and £50 million arguably wasted might be enough to make even Roman think twice about splashing the cash.

So, what are my solutions? Well, the first has already proven himself capable of being a big time goal scorer in a top league, in our league actually. He is currently out of sorts with his club and manager, and could move in January for under his market value. For those of you who haven't pieced it together yet, I speak of the one and only Mario Balotelli.

I know most of you are imagining all the red cards and all around shenanigans of the past and are vigorously shaking your heads no. But hear me out. Mario has plenty of goal scoring talent and has already proven that in the Premier League and on the national stage this past summer in Euros. Now, I don't consider myself any type of psychologist or therapist but I do believe that RDM might be just the manager Mario needs. He's young, 22, and although known for his temper, hes been continually put along side managers known for their big personalities and stubbornness. I dont want to blame his managers, but I dont think they helped him much either. Whereas RDM's laid back manner and man managing skills might be able to aid in Mario's development and maturity.

Pair the potential for a mature Balotelli with current Balotelli's already excellent skill and you have quite the center forward on you hands. Then imagine you get Mario for well under what would have spent on Falcao. Thats a pretty happy picture.

My other idea is a little unconventional and thought I would throw it out there for the WAGNH community to discuss. When Chelsea were pursuing Willian during the summer we all pictured him playing along side Hazard and Mata in the band of three behind Torres. But after watching him in the games against Shaktar over the last couple of weeks, I think Willian has the skill and goal scoring ability to transition into a Center Forward. Granted, he wouldnt be the conventional aerial threat striker but he is clinical and is very direct when he does recieve the ball in and around the attacking third. Most of all, something I think we all have missed, he isnt afraid to take chances, like actually shooting the ball.

*PS. This is my first post on the WAGNH boards. Please feel free to let me know what you think or any mistakes i made.

**PSS. Sorry about the length, I get pretty passionate about all things Chelsea :)

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