Roberto Di Matteo says winter is not coming; The Force is still strong with this team

Clive Rose

Without the use of mixed pop culture references, Di Matteo starts another round of damage control on the heels of a second consecutive lamentable Premier League draw.

Well, this is it, isn't it? You feel the chill creeping up into your bones as the windows rattle softly in the cold wind. There's that lovely fresh, clean, crisp smell in the air and it's time to switch out the summer blanket for the down comforter. Winter is coming.

Or is it?

We are still playing well and we are still creating chances.

I still think we have good momentum. We won in the cup against Man United – an incredible game, and in midweek, the Champions League was a massive game for us.

via F&H Chronicle

It looks like Di Matteo has a fresh supply of Italian designer Gore-Tex at hand. He laughs in the face of winter. Mwahahaha, piddly little winter, I shall melt your freezing heart with the blinding awesomeness of a rested Chelsea squad who now almost a full week to recover before having to face West Bromwich Albion (except for those silly midweek Internationals - maybe time to pick up a few opportune "knocks")!

Speaking of injuries, any news on John Terry?

We will have to wait for a scan tomorrow to understand the full extent of the injury

He is in pain now and we just hope it is not a serious injury and we have him back very soon.


Reports on Twitter indicated that Terry did not have to go to hospital, which hopefully rules out a break of any sort. But as is normal in these situations, the swelling has to go down before any MRIs or the like can be carried out and that will have to wait until Monday at the earliest.

Fortunately both David Luiz and Ashley Cole should be back to bolster the defensive ranks for next weekend. Frank Lampard... well, somebody has to carry the torch for the Marin-accursed and it seems that Frank's shift will continue for just a bit longer:

David Luiz had tonsillitis but we hope he can fully recover in time. I hope and expect Ashley Cole to be available for the next game. For Frank Lampard it might be a tiny bit too early but he won't be far off.


Oh, and as a sidenote and helpful tip, feel free to ignore any Didier Drogba comeback stories. Yes, he may be training with the club for a few days; as a legend that's the least he deserves. There's nothing beyond that going on:

Here's a lovely picture, courtesy of the Chelsea FC official Twitter account, of Drogba greeting a few of his ex-teammates in the locker room. And speaking of ex-strikers, here's a tall drink-of-water you may recognize.

Up the Blues!

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