Is this the first time? :(

I almost cry after seeing the first half "Chelsea vs Liverpool initial reaction" post. You know since my life as a Chelsea fan (since 2001) and I don't know if this happens before, happens I mean in this extreme level ( when you just put "Fernando Torres" word on your keyboard and you will automatically start to put on some fire and you will create a long thread just for "Fernando Torres" ) I've never seen we become so divided because of one players, of course that is not a big problem since we provide a good and healthy argument against each other.

But I really getting fed up with him. After a match in which "Fernando Torres" played we will always have the "slate" brigade and the "excuse" brigade. Oh man, can we just have a striker that we will be proud of? of course nobody is perfect but I'm tired for seeing another excuse for him.

Last season I defend him until death because we only have Juan Mata that understand his play, and Drogba is still hanging around to ate up any competition. But this season we buy all creative players to make sure we get his mojo back, almost all parts on the line up is accustomed for him

Everytime I think about "Fernando Torres" this question is wandering around my mind. "Since when did we change almost all of our team just for one players?" "Since when did we gave assurance to a players that he will be the main man?" "SInce when did we have a striker who has a very fragile confidence?"

And all the answer from question is "this season". But did he repay all the love from us? Did he repay his price tag? Of course his goal tally has been increased compared to last season and he worked hard for the team and I appreciate that, but I think his goal tally could be better

I am not an experts on seeing the game like the authors in this site, let alone reading all the statistics and make those statistics . But it is clear he is now bulked up his body to compromise his decreased pace. He will never be that marauding and frightening Liverpool Torres. On the final of euro 2008 he won the ball from Philip Lahm with a foot race and I assure you Lahm is quite fast for a fullbacks. But last season when we face United in SB that resulted on draw I see on one occasion he is up there on foot race with Ferdinand and I surprised he lose that foot race. This tell us that his pace and explosion have decreased a lot

Did we gave Drogba, Kezman, Sheva, Crespo, Hasselbaink assurance they will be the 'main man' ? No, they must fight for their place

My brother who is manure fans once said if buy players for 50m pounds we can expect him at least score 25-30 goals for a season and we can expect him to do a miracle to save the team like Drogba or Van Persie, and with MAZACAR behind him his job should be easier. But even now Torres find it hard to score goals, let alone save the team with indvidual brilliance

You know for January or next season I just hope we get a striker that we can be proud of. Maybe it is Lukaku come back and suddenly become world class or a certain amazing colombian creature in Madrid, I'm just tired we must busy making an excuse after the match. I never seen we become that divided when Drogba on the pitch. He will score goals or lay the ball to his teammate, but mostly he has the hunger to rape the centerbacks. Did I see that hunger on Torres? if you aske me Liverpool Torres I will say yes but Chelsea Torres? not at all. Of course Drogba is human and he has his flaws, but mostly we are proud to have him right?

The point is I want our team led by a warrior who don't give a fuck to the centerbacks, not a lethargic blondie girls. Is this too much to ask? :(

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