Ramires has yet again surprised me, I have seen him play attacking mid both middle and out wide, he even had a great showing as a right back at the Camp Nou last season. But since the game at Stoke he has moved back to playing holding mid and he may be playing better in this role then I have seen him play in any other. Lets go back as far as the game against QPR, Rami started on the right in the attacking trio. I will compare some stats of this game from other players on the team.



  • Pass Accuracy-83%
  • Touches-48
  • Tackles-7
  • Shots-1


  • Pass Accuracy-83%
  • Touches-57
  • Tackles-2
  • Shots-3


  • Pass Accuracy- 69%
  • Touches-63
  • Tackles-2
  • Shots-4

Rami had a higher match rating then both of these players, I chose Lampard since Ramires has seemed to replace him in that role. Lampard's match rating was a 6.7, Hazards was a 6.5, while Ramires had a 7.0.

Why don't we look at another game, I will choose Arsenal as someone recently posted about how Ramires came of age in this game. Ramires played in a holding midfield position.



  • Pass Accuracy-90%
  • Touches-64
  • Tackles-5
  • Shots-0
  • Completed Dribbles-0
  • Pass Accuracy-92%
  • Touches-73
  • Tackles-2
  • Shots-2
  • Completed Dribbles-3


  • Pass Accuracy-89%
  • Touches-55
  • Tackles-3
  • Shots-1
  • Completed Dribbles-1

Mata clearly had a much better match rating then Ramires or Mikel. Mata was rated a 8.6 while Mikel and Ramires were both rated 7.0. I chose Mata so that you may scroll up to the stats of the QPR game and compare between Ramires and Mata as they were playing the same position. I chose Mikel because I was shocked to see he had a successful dribble so I thought I'd throw it in there for fun.

So what does all this mean? I know I haven't been very clear on what the point of all of this information is for. I want to state that if Ramires is not the most versatile player on Chelsea then I don't know who is. Also to give my opinion on why Ramires may be getting played instead of Lampard. There is no doubt that Ramires is faster and more creative then Lampard, of course they are two completely different players and offer completely different options in the game. But having Ramires in this role instead of Lampard adds an extra attacker faster, Ramires moves with the break quicker, Lampard often showing up late. Ramires has also made more tackles this season then Lampard has and has had a higher pass accuracy percentage. In my opinion Ramires will be vital in this position all season long, and he has been making a larger impact than most people have noticed. All of my facts were from, so if they are inaccurate blame them, the rest is my opinion, love it or hate it, I don't care, leave a comment, I'm interested in your views.

Tom.fitall posted an article about Ramires that inspired this.

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