Post-Game Ramblings of a Madman

First off, let me just state that I'm somewhat crazy. It may have to do with my passion/obsession/love for Chelsea and my ability to block out any reasoning whilst being upset. So after yesterday's cluster-fuck of a match, you can imagine that I'm a tad bit pissed. Now, there were many positives yesterday and I'm glad that was the case but this fanpost won't delve into that aspect. Instead, this is a rant. These are the rants rants and ramblings of a madman.

I'm assuming most of you have digested the bullshit that was the Chelsea-Man U fixture by now. I can start off anywhere as to how where things went wrong and how bad the match was. Whether it's how much of a twat Alex Ferguson looks like when he's viciously chewing gum or how annoying Chicharito's face is, the fixture was abysmal. So many things went wrong. Here's just a brief rundown of all the crap that occurred during/after the game:

1) Branislav Ivanovic was sent off for tripping Ashley Young who had a goal scoring chance.

2) Fernando Torres was sent off with a 2nd yellow for diving.

3) Chicharito scored the winner against a 9 man Chelsea team from an offside position.

4) Mark Clattenburg, the official for this fixture, has allegedly verbally abused at least two of our players. Also, this abuse allegedly involves racial slurs.

So yeah, tons of negative shit went down yesterday. I was ecstatic that Chelsea had came back from a 2 goal deficit only to be screwed over by terrible officiating. You see, I've heard that same old shite story about how officials only get one chance to make their minds without any replays but here's something to ponder; how long can this excuse hold till an official is fired? Being an official should be treated just like any other job. If you make enough errors, you get sacked. You're finished, done; gone from the job. Mark Clattenburg has committed errors and he needs to be punished. There is no other option. There is no defense for his inability to properly officiate a game. Each one of the points in the brief rundown caused problems and ultimately, decided the match. Now, here's my input on the rundown:

1) This is the only decision Clattenburg didn't get entirely wrong. Although there was minimal contact and replays show that Young was VERY eager to go down, it seems Ivanovic clipped him a little ensuring that there wouldn't be a goal scoring opportunity for the former Aston Villa olympic diver winger. So up till here, it's ok.

2) And here's when shit hit the fan. Chelsea were down to 10 men yet still holding the ball well. Minutes after Bane's dismissal, Fernando Torres is on a breakaway. He races to the penalty box and right outside, Johnny Evans slides into a challenge on Torres. The whistle is blown and a card is Torres?!?!? Apparently, Torres evading a challenge that doesn't break his legs is a yellow card for him. But wait, that's not all. It was Torres' second yellow and he's bent sent off. Now it's 9 vs 11. However, that's not my main problem. It's the fact of how all this went down. You see, it's quite common for officials to display yellow cards to divers and simulators but players are never sent off for diving. It's not malicious or unruly enough to warrant a second yellow. This was the case up until Clattenburg's blunder yesterday. Even the way Clattenburg approaches Torres shows that he didn't know he was showing the Spaniard a second yellow. Mark's facial expression is a mess and he knows he's gotten it all wrong. He knows that he has tilted everything to Man U's favor.

3) How was this call blown so badly? Chicharito was resting inside the goal after the ball had come off the post and then he slowly made his way back to tuck in Rafael's shot-cross. If you see his initial reaction, you can see that Hernandez thought he was offside and looks for the flag. Clearly, it's not given. Now I only have two questions for the side linesman; What the fuck was he staring at? Was he not supposed to be checking Hernandez's positioning as the ball left Rafael's feet? Instead, Man U are given a go ahead goal and go on to win the game.

4) This one irks me the most because it doesn't deal with the game itself. Fresh off Terry's suspension and court cases, us Chelsea fans hoped to turn the page and put this racism business in the past. Then, this happens. Now, it's not clear yet if it's true but apparently, Clattenburg referred to Mikel as "a m*****" before showing him a yellow. That is absolutely disgusting and there is no place for that anywhere in the world, let alone on the pitch from the mouth of an official. If that isn't disturbing enough for you, then listen to this. He's also called one of our three Spanish based players a "Spanish c***." Now, I don't care if it was to Torres or to Mata, it's an absolute disgrace regardless. Once again, these are still allegations but the fact that all these blown calls mixed with these allegations that could possibly be true proves that Mark Clattenburg is too incompetent to be an official. If these allegations are true, Clattenburg needs to be sacked and be tried for criminal charges. There is no way around that.

The FA like to make a big deal about everything and carry out everything. They want to punish the likes of Luis Suarez for diving yet they never bring him up when he is legitimately fouled. They carried out the Terry investigation for so long just to show the whole world that they truly wanted to eradicate racism and that they genuinely cared. The truth is that the FA are just as incompetent as Mark Clattenburg and after yesterday, it's going to be interesting to see what the repercussions are going to be. I would not be surprised if the FA, Ferguson, and Clattenburg all kiss each other's asses and escape from this situation without any receiving any type of punishment. The FA need to stop just blaming issues with the game on things happening off the field and need to start looking as to what's happening on the field. They need to see the ruining of the sport by atrocious decision-making and officiating. They need to witness what may be the downfall of the league.

To many, this may seem to be the most unorganized and non-sensical writing they've ever seen but realize that it's 1:45 here in New York, there's a hurricane brewing, and that I'm a madman so in the end, it all evens out I guess.

P:S: If Clattenburg did say what he's accused of saying to our Juan Mata, then he deserves a life sentence in prison. Just saying.

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