Will financial fair play turn chelsea into arsenal or liverpool? and how to stop it!

A lot of posts here are about FairPlay and how chelsea is conforming to it.

But the main ways I read are that we are doing the following:

1: Only giving 1 year contracts to 30 year olds.

2: No longer paying the highest wages.

3: Developing youth

4: Signing small endorcements.

To me this all looks like the same stuff that Arsenal and Liverpool have been saying for years and look where it has got them? Arsenal refused to give contracts to older players and so lost the likes of Viera. They stopped offering big pay packages and so lost RVP (their best player). They stopped giving rises to squad players and so lost song. They refused to spend money in the transfer window and lost out on Mata. The list goes on and go and its resulted in the team going downhill fast.

Liverpool failed to invest after Rafa finished 2nd and they have got worse every year, losing torres and signing rubbish.

So why would chelsea be any different???

My friend who works for manchester united doing their marketing deals in china informs me that chelsea is ignoring fair play which I hope is true, but even if we are I wish that chelsea would do the following.

1: Invest in the brand abroad!!! For example:

a: Brazil. We have 3 Brazilian internationals but no shop in Brazil at all. Brazil is a virgin market which could easily be exploited. Chelsea still hasn't toured brazil and could easily set up youth tourniments with the big clubs such as Sao Paulo, Corinthians and Inter. Chelsea should also sign fan favorates like Paulinho and Neymar and then get everyones's second club to be chelsea.

b: South Africa and Angola (be a bit dodgy and dangerous to send anyone to the other countries!) Both these countries have all the premiership matches but neither has a chelsea shop. Are brand is huge in africa due to our african players so we should target them. Imagine for example that Sassol (a saffa petrol company) could pay to have our image like that dodgy Burmese whiskey company did.

c: Promote like CRAZY international memberships. There should be a piece about being a member on every international shirt we sell and also ads in 442 etc. These memberships just put cash in chelsea's pocket.

d: Have a gold international membership that gives you 50 fan points so that you can go to a big match (like man u or arsenal) if you want. These memberships could cost 200 and would be very popular.

2: Have european match deals - and advertise them. Whenever I go to liverpool I always meet foreign liverpool fans in the hotels who have just come over to watch a match (they usually see a united match too). Why cant chelsea do this? We could have a whole package deal where you see 1 champions league match or one sat match and get taken to some of mata's favourite tourist spots.

3: More chelsea shops in London. - In Liverpool 1 there is a liverpool shop, at the trafford centre there is a man u shop but in Westfield there is nothing! we didnt even have a shop at the olympic Westfield.

All this is stuff that Manchester United already do and they get rich from it. I know roman is already rich and would rather focus on scouting and tactics but with the threat of fairplay its crazy we arnt doing this :(

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