Player Ratings: Chelsea Vs. Manchester United

First, I'd like to apologize for not having player ratings for our midweek clash with Bayer Leverkusen. My DVR decided to inexplicably take the day off. Secondly, we had a pretty big game today, and it didn't exactly turn out for the best. Here our my player ratings.

Petr Cech: Made two saves but wasn't particularly great today. We certainly can't fault him for the goals (but we can blame the line judge). That being said, average. 5

Jose Bosingwa: Didn't show up today. Played decently in defense but didn't create the havoc on the wing that was needed. 4.5

Branislav Ivanovic: Another solid performance from the Serbian. I always can't get enough of his tenacity and presence in the box. 6.5

John Terry: Considering the attack he was facing, Terry was pretty good today. However he didn't step fast enough on the Nani goal. -.5 for that I suppose. 6

Ashley Cole: Our favorite English fullback turned in another strong defensive performance. He also provided more attacking than I excpected today. 7

Raul Meireles: He disappeared at times today but still made good passes. Had a number of nifty plays to keep possesion. Not great but good. 5.5

Frank Lampard: My grade might be a little higher than some are thinking. He had the same problem today that he did last week. He made all the passes but with no speed. At least showed some tenacity in the midfield. 5

Ramires: Apart from that short corner debocle and miss in front of the goal. Ramires played Very well today. He chipped in well defensively and showed drive going forward. Love the way he's developing as a box-to-box midfielder. 7.5

Daniel Sturridge: Perhaps a little too big of a stage today for Daniel. He looked overwhelmed a times. 4

Juan Mata: One touch passes and creative abilities are a breath of fresh air. I'll give him a pass for his defensive shortcomings. 7

Fernando Torres: Yes, I saw the miss. I sat there with mouth open wide like so many other Chelsea fans. However, this game more than ever showed why we need to stick with Torres. The finish on his goal was first class and he had several other moments of brilliance. Including the move on De Gea before missing the open net. 7.5

Nicolas Anelka: Really enjoyed his performance today. His pass to Torres was sublime. He provided a lot of unpredictability to the attack. 6.5

Romelu Lukaku: Okay peformance from our big belgian today. Nothing stood out, positively or negatively. 5

John Obi Mikel: Mikel did his thing today. However, that "thing" wasn't quite what we needed at that juncture in the game. 5.5

Overall team grade: 6, Solid. If you look at the just the player ratings and did not watch the game. One would be inclined to think Chelsea did not lose 3-1. That simply illustrates how weird the game was and how unlucky Chelsea was. 

(Quick Note- I can't implement the feature of readers voting on player ratings becuase only one poll is allowed per post. I still would like to use that poll though to make these posts better. Please put any suggestions for the use of the poll in the comments.)

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