Chelsea Vs. Sunderland: Player Ratings

In the comments section for the match report on Chelsea Vs. Sunderland, I asked Graham if he would consider doing Player Ratings. The answer was a no but I was still intrigued by Player Ratings so I've decided to give it a go. The scale will operate of 1 to 10 (Obviously). With 5 being deemed as completely decent.

Petr Cech: Three saves and a solid performance all around earn Cech a 6.5.

Jose Bosingwa: Wasn't as good going forward as he was in the first two games but was a threat. He had a magnificent cross that should have been put away by Danny Sturridge. Held his own defensively which is more than we could say last year. 5.5

Branislav Ivanovic: Solid performance from the Serbian. Certainly better than the last time he played. 6

John Terry: Best performance of the season from Terry. Completely neutralized an (when he wants to be) dangerous Nicklas Bendtner. The goal was striker quality. More performances like this will keep JT in the lineup for many matches to come. 8

Ashley Cole: Man of the match for me. Consistently attacking brightly down the flank and providing excellent defense. 8.5

Raul Meireles: Calm and collected on the ball and picked out many a good pass including a brilliant one to Daniel Sturridge for the second goal. 7.5

Frank Lampard: Made the passes he needed to but not with the speed to keep the attack going at a prolific pace. Particularly noticeable when he picked up the ball around the box. Still not bad enough to have his spot in the lineup contested. 5

Ramires: The flying Brazilian showed his good raw speed at several points during the match. Another above average performance. 6.5

Juan Mata: His heads up play and wonderful passing is quickly making Juan Mata a fan favorite. Todays first start contained more great play making and passing. 8

Nicolas Anelka: Not the best shift from Anelka today. Held the ball up a little too much and didn't capitalize on his one-on-one with Mignolet. 4.5

Daniel Sturridge: A very impressive performance from Sturridge today. Definitively proving his worth in the starting XI. The finish on the goal was outstanding. 8.5

Florent Malouda: Didn't do much better than Anelka. But did do better I suppose. 5

Fernando Torres: Up to this point its been safe to say that Torres has been good in the run of play. However today was another story. No real involvement plus a royal screwup on a 3 on 1 gets him the lowest rating of the day. 4

Oriol Romeu: Didn't do too much but completed all his passes and made sure we saw the game out. 5.5

Overall Team Grade: 6.5. A little above solid.

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