Know your opponent-Manchester United




Next step in the PL is quite a big one for the Blues.We finally seem to have found our feet under Andre Villas-Boas against Sunderland but our opponents of next week have been flying high. Beating United given their present form is a gargantuous task,no denying it. But is it possible for the boys in blue,lets see...


United's expected formation against us would be 4-2-3-1 with De Gea in goal and Ferdinand, Jones marshalling central defence. Smalling is expected at right back, Evra at left back.As Cleverley is out injured I would expect Fletcher to partner Anderson in CM.

Now is the part of their line-up we need to respect.Their wingers Nani and Young,floater Rooney and striker Hernandez.

This season most of United's attacks have been somewhat like this-De Gea distributes the ball to central mid and Anderson or Cleverley play it to Rooney,who waits for Evra's run and slides it in his path.Beating the opposition winger Evra plays it to Young,who drifts it and shoot/corss/pass/lose the ball or runs with it down the flank and crosses for Rooney or Hernandez to take an attempt.Well Nani hasnt been in the action yet right?He drifts in from the right and waits for the rebound ,taking a pop,often scoring.If Rooney had played it to Smalling,the ditto would have happened through the right.

Arent they predictable?

Well they might be but that doesnt stop them from repeating it and often to succes.All their moves against Arsenal and Tottenham were similar.Did they score? Yeah they did score aplenty.

How to pit the team against them?

Here we need a player who runs a lot,breaks down attacks and bullies the opposition CM.The first player to come to anyone's mind is out injured until January so this task would fall to either of Romeu or Mikel.This would be the most challenging task for anyone in blue out there,as if United feel they are being outmuscled in mid Rooney would drop back and Jones would join the party too.And you gotta admit that this season Rooney has sprouted more than just hair,he seems cleverer than last season(not to mention funnier ).

Their defence and 'keeping seems shaky,and theres when the Juan and only Mata comes into action alongwith Torres and Danny.

Danny needs to be at the top of his game to peg Evra back and deprive Young of service down his flank.Ash is more than a handful for Nani,and for tackling Rooney,see the pic :).Rooney is clearly their MVP and rightly so.Another hat-trick against Bolton proved it.

Chicharito is just a classic striker,a poacher who can tap-in or head but not dribble the ball through the defence and stun the keeper before scoring.

In our strikeforce we desperately need Torres clicking.As plan B (if Drogs is unavailable) we need Mt.Lukaku coming in from the bench and bullying Rio like Drogs does.

Lampard too has a crucial role in this game,he has the best shot (sweetest in fact) in England and I would like those belted at De Gea  who has had a shaky start to his career.Merieles can help in it too.We need Ramires for his energetic runs.More than his energy its his unpredictability that helps our cause.He can shift gears within a blink of the eye of his marker and whoossshh he's gone. Like Kolarov didnt expect him to run at him (CFC vs MCity) I think Rio wouldnt too.

Its my first attempt of a fanpost,hope you like it,coments and criticism welcome.

PS-I have a review and break-down of Barca planned and would write it if you like this article.

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