Chelsea Transfer Rumors, Odds and Bobs 27/5

Thought i would post some Chelsea related rumors up every once in a while, to distract me from working. I will trawl up some stories and odds on who Chelsea re sniffing around this summer.

So first off is some tweets that i have followed from Ian McGarry, these are a few days old, but still very interesting:

"#CFC have already instigated plans to sign 5 new players this summer. All of whom have been approved/recommended by Hiddink."


"Neymar tops the list as marquee signing for #CFC. Team will be rebuilt around Torres to satisfy Abramovich’s vanity purchase."


"Abramovich wants to appoint Zola on coaching staff to appease angry players/staff. Zola yet to committ. Waiting to see new structure/people."


"rightly says Mourinho stays at #RMCF. At least another year I believe. Was offered chance to return to #CFC but said no."


"As mental/reckless/stupid #CFC are, the decision to sack Ancelotti was taken months ago. They have a plan: Hiddink DoF, Van Basten coach."


"Lots of you asking why not Hiddink as manager of #CFC. He does not want to manage a club side day to day. Personal choice."


"There is certainly real interest from Galatasaray. Drogba will wait and see who new coach at #CFC is before deciding future."


"Kun Aguero admits he will leave Atletico. Bid from #CFC imminent. One of the players Abramovich believes he can build team around Torres."

Ian McGarry on twitter

So apparently we are in for 5 players this summer, Neymar topping the list and MVB/ Hiddink combo is lined up.


Latest odds on managers: MVB favorite at 2.50, Redknapp came down to around 1.50 yesterday and now sits at 3.75 with Hiddink at 5.50 and finally AVB at 9.00. [Source: Skybet]

As for Neymar we are in at 1.44 favorites by far, and those odds have been pretty constant for a week at least now. Real have an outside chance with 6.00 and Barca at 8.00, so that is looking promising

Now for Aguero, currently favorites for Real at 2.25 and that has been reasonable constant, however today Chelsea's odds have dropped to 2.50, previously they have been around 8.00. Man City line up after us at 3.00 and an outside contender Liverpool at 6.00. 

Onto Drogba, who has been reported as interested in a new contract depending on who is put in charge, otherwise he will look to finish his playing carear elsewhere, currently 2.00 for Galatasary, 3.00 for Real and 6.00 for Spurs.

Other slightly interesting odds are: we are currently second favorites for Kaka with 5.00 with AC leading the chance at 4.00. Looks like City will get Alexis Sanchez with odds at 1.33, Chelsea are out of that, our odds 13.00. City also strangely have good odds on Ronaldo with 3.75, we are even more strangely second with far off odds of 17.00. [Source Skybet]

There are a fair few more player to look at if you have time, but for now that is it for the transfer odds. I will follow up with other posts if there are any significant changes.


Josh news first, aparently former Sporting Director Frank Arnesen, now at Hamburg has made Josh a target. [Source: Daily Mirror]

  • He can piss off, however i will be feeling better if Josh signs a long contract sooner rather than later.

Kalou is in a similar boat to Drogba, who will wait until the next manager is anounced to make a decision about his future, with Arsenal sniffing around. [Source: Metro]

  • Perhaps an exchange with Nasri? Unlikely

Dani Alves claims he almost joined Chelsea in 2008. [Source: TalkSport]

  • What if...
That it for today, will be more concise in the future. Leave you with a question:
"What 5 players do you hope Chelsea sign this summer?"
and please be realistic!

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