Chelsea FC Transfer News: Blues Have Slobodan Rajkovic Buyback Option

The worst high-five ever.

There's been a rumour floating around that Chelsea have a buyback option on Serbian centre back Slobodan Rajkovic, who was sold to (very bad) Bundesliga side Hamburg over the summer. Now we have confirmation from Andre Villas-Boas, buried in an article about how amazing Drogba's been recently (i.e. in the last six days):

We have plenty of central defenders on loan; we have a buyback option on [Slobodan] Rajkovic, and we don't know if Alex will go. Then we have [Jeffrey] Bruma, Rajkovic, [Sam] Hutchinson and [Nathaniel] Chalobah so we have a lot of talent coming through and it is not 100 per cent sure.


I'm not really sure what it's not 100 percent sure about, but the point is clear - if we need to, we can swoop in and grab Rajkovic back from Hamburg. Now, I'm not entirely sure what happened to the work permit issues that presumably forced us to sell him in the first place, so I'm still not positive he'd actually be allowed to play, but if Rajkovic can start in the Bundesliga, he's certainly competent enough to be our fourth centre back, and we can happily sell Alex to whomever wants him.

And now bullet points because I have three thoughts in my head and am too lazy to transition properly.

  • If you were Hamburg, how annoying would it be to know that your starting central defensive partnership could be recalled by Chelsea bsasically whenever they felt like it? Jeffrey Bruma's on loan, and Rajkovic is on a buyback. I mean, granted they've conceded 26 goals in 16 games, so it's not like the two are lighting the world on fire, but if John Terry and David Luiz could vanish into thin air at the drop of the hat I'd spend most of my life hyperventilating in panic.
  • How nice is it to see Sam Hutchinson's name mentioned in connection with the first team? Super-nice.
  • In the span of just a few hours we've gone from worrying about Oriol Romeu's buyout clause that turned out not to exist to being happy about Slobodan Rajkovic's actual buyback clause. Maybe this is just wishful thinking, but perhaps if we were actually told more about these transfers the club wouldn't have to field stupid questions for four months before telling us what's up.
  • 'We don't know if Alex will go' is about as convincing a denial as 'No sir I never killed those seven hookers and buried them in my back garden using this spade which is mine and only I ever use. Why would you think that?'
  • I have no idea how much the buyout clause is for, but it's going to be for not very much money, considering that the sale was for not very much money. I also don't know when it's for, but AVB's comments imply that we'd be able to exercise it during the January window.
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