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The rumour mill is churning this week with some creatively thought of rumours by some of the industries biggest mischief makers. Let's get into it.

Josh McEachran/Gary Cahill: Not a bad thought from The Sun. Would lower the cost of Cahill, however my dislike of this rumor stretches to me not wanting Gary Cahill. Plus, Josh would develop better in Swansea City or Swancelona.

Nicolas Anelka: Not really a rumour but Nicolas Anelka appears to be headed to the Chinese side Shenghai Shenhua (The Sun quotes the transfer fee at 20 million). Are they going to become the new Anzhi? Or just another of those Dubai like clubs that makes a notable signing every 2-3 years.

David Luiz/Alex: The most humorous/comical/ridiculous/Insane/stupid/they should have their license to operate a company revoked rumour of the week comes from the Daily Mirror, who reckon Juventus will swoop for David Luiz and Alex for 15 and 2 million respectively. Let's not waste any more words on that.

Salomon Kalou: My hunch is that Kalou will find his way out (by choice) of Chelsea in January. According to Talksport, Juventus is interested. Juventus is a more appealing option for his destination because he won't have the opportunity to score against our back line. I'm more than willing to let him go, as long as we get the right price, and Juventus have a history of lowballing offers.

Salomon Kalou (again): The rumours roll on with Kalou as French newspapers seemed convinced that PSG will make a move for him. Due to their new finances, we could probably get more money out of PSG than teams like Arsenal and Juventus.

Gregory van der Wiel: Rumour mill had gone quiet on the dutchman for a good while before sparking into life with the Sun reporting our interest. Apparently, he won't sign a new contract at Ajax and is looking to move. His form hasn't been great this year but he still would still be an excellent signing.

Steven N'Zonzi: Blackburn's midfielder is someone I actually hold in a high regard. Both him and Hoilett and energetic and can really change a game quickly. The sun quotes the price at 7 million which is fair in my book. However, that 7 million could go to some other prospects who I think would be a better fit.

Alex/Kalou: claims a double swoop from Arsenal on both Kalou and Alex. Somewhat unlikely, but plausible considering Arsenal style of purchases.

Robinho/Pato: How many times over the years have we been linked to Alexandre Pato? It never seems to develop. This is the first time I've seen Robinho's name pop up in a LONG time. The reasoning is A.C Milan will want to unload a striker with Tevez coming in. However, the whole reason they want to bring in Tevez is too bolster the thinning Striker unit. If they buy and then sell it's like going back to square one.

Question of the week: What team would you rather have Josh go to?

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