Chelsea Roster: What needs to change?

This is my final installment of looking into Chelsea's future at the defense, midfield, and now the attack. The current crisis were in has caused many to have random panic fits throughout the day about the future of our beloved club. However, I maintain fully that Andre Villas Boas needs time to implement his system fully and get the right players to run it. Think about it, players like Drogba, Malouda, Ivanovic, Cole, Terry, Kalou, and Mikel (the case could be argued for more) do not easily fit into AVB's system and appear to have trouble playing in the flowing football of AVB. He has put his mark on the team but in limited fashion. Mata and Meireles are both players that work well for AVB and help the system. Romeu is a brilliant ball playing holding mid that also works well in the AVB style of play. If we give him the January window (to most likely sign Cahill, De Bruyne, and possibly a right back) and the full summer. We might see a more fluent team fit to AVB's needs.

Let's start on the left wing, some think that Mata is the answer here but I believe Mata is MUCH more effective behind the strikers. LW can be easily solved by signing Kevin De Bruyne. Every time I see De Bruyne play I'm reminded of how much he'd help our attack. He smart on the ball, has a cracking shot, and plays wonderful crosses. With that relatively cheap option on the LW we can move to the center. There has been clamoring for a shiny new striker to complement our fleet, this would be wasteful and expensive. With Drogba, Torres, Lukaku, Anelka, and Sturridge all capable of playing Striker we don't need Cavani or Llorente. The only time the purchase of a center foreword should even be entertained is if Drogba and Anelka both leave (and even then we would still have three capable strikers). The more interesting situation opens up on the right wing. Sturridge has been hot and cold with his performances on the flank but has shown promise there. However, I think we need to purchase Hazard for the required 40 million and have him be the star of our attack for years to come. With Gotze most likely not up for sale we need to look elsewhere for our game-changing purchase. Hazard is where we should look. There our other options, most recently Milos Krasic of Juventus. Krasic would come very cheap due to his lack of playing time and is a great player. Fast and a good finisher. That being said I couldn't see him fitting into the system that were trying to promote. Possession football is the very reason Krasic isn't playing consistently right now.

Well there's the outlook for our attack. Now let's some it up with some figures. All prices are in the british pound.

Defense Purchases

CB: Gary Cahill- 9 Million (price down due to contract)

RB: Martin Montoya- 5 Million

LB: Alvaro Pereira- 25 Million (Would be a dumb purchase but I could see AVB doing it)

Midfield Purchases

Christian Eriksen- 32 Million

Attack Purchases

Kevin De Bruyne- 10 Million

Eden Hazard- 40 Million 

Total: 121 Million over two transfer windows.

This kind of investment can successfully launch us into the next era for Chelsea.

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